Individual Counselling


Brent brings 25 years experience working with individuals to his counselling practice.

Brent Cherry's counselling has two primary components that intertwine throughout the counselling, narrative therapy and mindfulness meditation. Brent encourages people to name and unpack their thoughts and emotions, to observe and feel them in a new self compassionate light. This normalising of thoughts and emotions, allows people to become curious and learn from them, rather than operate in these stuck patterns, where they might try and avoid, numb, run or control others. As people learn to stay with and keep their emotions company, they become more resilient and able to cope with both current and past events. From this mindful place, people can chose to operate in ways that honour their true intentions and values.


Brent's counselling allows clients to manage and reduce their stress, anxiety, depression and anger.


Brent's own experience with grief has given him a very personal understanding and insight into this aspect of life, both what works and the traps and pitfalls that can hinder you bouncing back. He then draws on the most recent work on grief, resilience and positive psychology to assist you to live with your grief as you navigate towards a Plan B life.

Brent's individual counselling sessions, encourage you to deal openly, honestly and courageously with  your problems. His unique combination of skills in, narrative therapy, mindfulness meditation, self compassion, body and emotional awareness meditations, will encourage you to unwind, reflect on your life, rather than numb, become defensive, withdraw, criticise, blame or try and seek control. His counselling is not about struggling to make changes, but about letting go and creating a space to become mindful and curious, about your reactions and responses to life's challenges both big and small.


His counselling is focused on improving your wellbeing, and happiness, by assisting you to manage stress, live in the present, bounce back from life's hurdles, and most importantly rebuild connections and relationships.

Counselling hours: Brent runs his Lower Hutt counselling  practice on a Monday and Tuesday and his Kapiti office on a Wednesday and Thursday.


Location of counselling rooms:


Lower Hutt - First Floor, 217 High Street, Lower Hutt.

Paraparaumu - First Floor, Coastlands, Paraparaumu.

Fees: Brent's counselling rate is $100.00 (incl GST) per session, to be paid at the end of each session - cash, cheque or internet banking.


To make an appointment: Phone Brent on (04) 293 7355 or directly to his mobile 027 511 3555 or email him by filling out contact form click here