Brent, an experienced mindfulness meditation teacher, interweaves meditations within his counselling practice to assist you to become a healthier, happier and more resilient person. He offers the following:

Meditations for wellbeing


Our live's have become filled with pressure and stress, creating little time for self care or connection. In this stressed place our body and mind lose their natural state of balance compromising our immune systems. Our thinking becomes clouded and we become stuck in problematic patterns of behaviour, as we start to just cope with life rather than flourish in it. Meditation is an antidote to the stress response, triggering the relaxation response, freeing up the immune system to assist in healing. Meditation encourages one to live life, rather than race through it, opening up the opportunity for deeper, richer and stronger relationships.

Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation


In its natural state, the body is designed to heal itself, but its equilibrium is often compromised by stress, lifestyle and environmental factors. Many research studies now support the role of mindfulness meditation in healing. Brent will teach you mindfulness meditation practices, taking you through the four steps - preparation, relaxation, mindfulness and stillness. Together you will explore stress and its relationship to healing, the nature of the thinking mind and the aware mind, learning to be with one's emotions rather than runaway or avoid them. With commitment these practices have the potential for those practicing them to live a more mindful life, with improved happiness, and a growing sense of gratitude and connection to life.

Practicing Mindful Self-Compassion 

Self-compassion isn't about encouraging good feelings but instead goodwill towards ourselves, no matter what is happening in our lives. As the research into this field increases, we find that self-compassion highly correlates with resilient emotional wellbeing. It is fundamentally about being kind to ourselves, as if we were actually a good friend to ourselves. We all suffer, we all make mistakes, but it is our critical judging response to life's difficulties and challenges, that exacerbates our suffering. When we practice self-compassion, we accept that we are suffering, but instead of criticising ourselves, we embrace ourselves with kindness and care, remembering that imperfection and suffering is part of the shared human experience.

Living a Wholehearted Life 

Instead of living in the moment, savouring life, we get tangled up; with our stories, judgements, comparisons, criticisms, opinions and projections. Before we know it, instead of acknowledging and tending our hurts and losses, we can instead become recruited into a story - that we are a 'victim' of our past, others and life itself. Interweaving these meditation practices, with counselling, Brent has designed a programme to assist you to lighten up, to accept life as it is, to live with your emotions, to take the risk to be vulnerable so that you can live a more wholehearted life. You will learn mindfulness meditations, self compassion and gratitude meditations, savouring meditations, and wholehearted meditations