Supporting a man after a relationship breakup

How do you support a man after his relationship breaks up? Well step 1 - make contact with him, show up, let him know that you care. He could be avoiding, numbing, running and have possibly become bitter and angry, but he needs you to walk with him, to the edge of his pain, if he is to recover and love again. But be careful about being drawn into the "good guy" versus the "bad guy" drama. Understand what he is going through, the complexities of grief and recovery. Understand oxytocin and the stress response, HUG HIM ..... The Hello Happiness Mojo Recovery for Men Blog series: This is Part 2 in a Blog series on how to support a man after a relationship breakup. See Part 1 "Understanding men'

Electing Trump: a connection with male violence

I'm not shocked at all by Trump's victory, as I saw it coming. That doesn't mean, I'm not worried sick about the potential for his contempt, climate denial, misogyny, and racism to undermine US and our societies. But we have to learn from this. I believe his election, has been a sort of combination of an anarchic/f..k the system response, from people who have become embittered by the belief that they no longer matter. We have to understand that the "Neo-Liberal Capitalist" experiment has created a society that has benefitted a self serving, self justifying, elite and has left a lot of people disenfranchised, poor and maybe with no hope for their future. It is in this disconnected, vulnerable

Understanding men's grief after a relationship breakup

Supporting men after a relationship breakup: Part One - Understanding his loss I write this Blog, about understanding a man's grief after a relationship breakup, intimately knowing the pain of losing a lover, partner, mother of my daughter and best friend to cancer. I’ve had my heart broken as a young man, but have not personally experienced the pain, and complexities of separation and divorce. However after over 20 years as a counsellor in private practice, specialising in Mojo Recovery for Men, I believe I have a contribution to make to this space. The Hello Happiness Mojo Recovery for Men essay series: How, as a friend or family member, can you support a man who has separated? Well step o

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