Say Hello to Happiness

The 50 things I have learnt about happiness as a counsellor, father, brother, widower, friend, activist, tennis player, gardener and sometimes larrikin. There is no definitive list. But here are my 50 nonetheless. 1. Remember this is your "one wild and precious life" - make the most of it. 2. Wake each morning, sit up, stretch and as loud as you can say "I'm alive, I'm alive." Isn't it exciting that you are back. 3. Then lie back down and think about the 5 people you are grateful for. 4. Then get up and greet, the ones you live with, with love, welcoming them to this new day, knowing that they are also back. 5. Remember where you are - at home, work doesn't start for a few hours. 6. As you t

Laughter and Grief

Is laughter and humour, an appropriate way to deal with grief and trauma? If you do express humour whilst you grieve, will you be judged negatively? Will people think that you are not grieving properly? In this blog, I'll argue that humour has its place and is part of the grieving process. I recently read Frank Ostaseski's, The Five Invitations: What Death Can Teach Us About Living Fully, where he discusses his work at the Zen Hospice Project. In his third of five invitations, he talks about bringing your whole self to the experience of dying, your fear, anxiety, humour, delight, anger etc and this made me think about how a lot of the people I have met as a counsellor have brought humour and

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