Attunement - the way to revitalise your relationship.

Why do relationships fail, when people profess to being in love with one another? Well one reason is - we fail to be “in tune” with one another. There are times in all relationships when we need to know that our partner “gets” us, that we are understood, on an emotional level. In my blog on "Transforming Relationships", I focused on the idea of meeting our partners rather than seeing them as a problem to be fixed. Developing clearer roles with each other, rather than offering unsolicited advice, criticisms or feedback. Meeting someone, is fundamentally about attuning to them, by becoming more curious and inquiring, rather than defensive, critical and judgemental. In this blog I want to discu

Meditation for life

Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation Stillness is not an experience to have, a place to go to, a thing to get, it is here all the time. Brent trained as a Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation Teacher at the Gawler Cancer Foundation Yarra Valley Living Centre in Victoria Australia. The teaching programme is based on the combined wisdom (30+ years) of Dr Ian Gawler and Paul Bedson, working with 1000s of participants at both the Centre and in their outreach work. Paul who is now President of the Meditation Association of Australia was the primary course teacher. My meditation: In a world driven by fixing problems, setting goals, achieving and acquiring, it is hard to sell a practice or way

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